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Adopting digital pull planning in design, engineering and construction
Introducing DECK Scheduling

Introducing DECK Scheduling

What good is planning without scheduling in the construction world? Scheduling is where the rubber hits the road - where the construction industry gets to work. Our DECK Pull Planning module is getting a surprising amount of traction for all sorts of reasons –...

Introducing DECK Pull Planning

Introducing DECK Pull Planning

“Pull Planning” is a planning mechanism used in construction to work backwards from a milestone and plan all of the tasks needed to complete that milestone. This effort is typically done in a “Big Room” (all the trades get together to talk through the tasks as they're...

DECK DecisionWare – the IoT Data Container

DECK DecisionWare – the IoT Data Container

IoT sensors and collection points (“Gateways” or “RTU’s” to use an old term) are rapidly being commoditized. Prices are plummeting while reliability and functionality increase. As we’ve seen time-and-time again when hardware moves to the commoditization phase, players...

DECK Construction Resource Management

DECK LEM: Labor, Equipment and Materials Made Easy

Resource management for building design, construction and engineering companies

DECK LEM is one of 80 modules in the DECK DecisionWare platform.  It’s designed for the needs of design, engineering and construction companies and gives a complete view of resources, utilization and deployment.

DECK LEM is a highly customizable platform which integrates easily to other construction applications for a single view of your company!

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