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Whether you have a unique need that off-the-shelf software can’t solve, want to commercialize your idea, or have an old legacy system that needs to be replaced – we’re happy to help.

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Enterprise Web Application Development

There is no shortage of enterprise software solutions available to you. The problem is that none of them were designed with your exact business in mind. Even if they offer configurations and customizations, you are still trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. At Spieker Point we design software based on your needs, to do exactly what you need. And thanks to our product DECK DecisionWare, we can do it faster and more efficient than every before.

Integration for a Complete Business Management Platform

You currently have a number of systems you’ve bought or built over the years. Unfortunately, none of these systems talk to each other, leaving you in the dark without a bird’s eye view of your operations. This is where Spieker Point and DECK DecisionWare can help. We integrate your best-of-breed system so that you can keep your investments, with each application benefiting from the strength of each other. You’ll now have access to dashboards, queries and reports accessing all your data, giving you a true bird’s eye view. Thanks to the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) of DECK DecisionWare, you don’t have to involve system integrators, data warehousing, or worry about data integrity. Plus, it provides an evolutionary approach to replacing any of your systems if, or when, the business outgrows them.

Data Mining and Analytics

At Spieker Point, we work with our clients to help them achieve evidence-based decisions for a strong competitive foothold. By layering data from different sources found within, or external to your business, we can answer pretty much any question you have about your business. Data holds information and answers about your operations, your customers, your employees, your revenue; and it all follows a pattern. The ability to obtain this information in real time, as it is happening, will provide you with the insights you need to make evidence-based decisions by simply logging in to your dashboard.

New Product Development

At Spieker Point we bring your ideas to life. Weather you need to commission a piece of software for your department or business unit, or have a tech start-up company; we’ll make your idea a reality. We know that your time to market may determine your success or failure. Developing your product on top of DECK DecisionWare, combined with our process, gets you to market fast, allowing you to capitalize on the market window, or realize productivity increases, and start seeing your return on investment sooner.

Legacy System Replacement

As technologies continue to mature, evolve and advance, legacy systems keep falling further and further behind. The time, money and risk associated with maintaining these legacy systems only increase with time. By replacing your legacy system you’ll make your data accessible, improve your processes and gives you an opportunity add features and functionality. You’ll now have piece of mind knowing your system is supported and maintained for years to come.

Stakeholder Portals

Enhancing customer relationships is at the centre of every organization, and depending on the industry and the structure of your business, so is the relationship with all external stakeholders such as customers, clients, board members, brokers, vendors, and suppliers. A stakeholder portal is a great tool for adding value to the relationship by providing an interactive and personalized experience to your stakeholders to self-serve. The access to the information via the portal is completely dependant on their role and your specific needs, but it provides you with the benefit of seamless service to any external stakeholder group.

Project Rescue

If you’re having a falling out with your developer and your business is now suffering, than we can help. Developing software is not an easy task and as a result many projects go off the rails. Whether it’s due to offshoring, in-experience, poor code quality or your product just isn’t fit-for-purpose, it’s time to turn this project around! We quickly assess where you are at vs. where you should be and propose the best way for getting you back on track.

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