As a medium-size business scales up, the most important thing needed to fan the embers of growth is rapid visibility into the existing disjointed IT systems and data sets. A system that ties together all of the important data and makes it much quicker for accountants and managers to get a handle on things quickly. This includes the need for a mature place for business-critical spreadsheets to be turned into enterprise intelligence.

At this explosive growth phase, most C-suite teams start thinking about an ERP system. Any member of that executive team who has been through an ERP implementation before shutters at the thought of doing it again. Memories of the cash strain, huge cost over-runs, lack of promised functionality, years to getting it running, and reams of other negative experiences come to mind.

Spieker Point’s DECK DecisionWare is a better way to tame the dragon of growth without dampening your growth trajectory. Let’s explore 5 ways that DECK changes the game for you.

1. With our customers who are already a large enterprise, DECK augments their ERP system. It is extremely flexible, and cost-effective at filling in holes that every ERP system has. This means that a medium-sized company can start with DECK and delay the ERP decision much further out into the future than would have been possible without DECK. Once you are of a size that you truly need an ERP system, DECK will still be with you to complement the pieces of the ERP that aren’t giving you what you need.

2. Every customer we have on DECK started using it to quickly, cost effectively solve a small but growing problem – a “pebble in their shoe”. In every case, the customer response has been: “Holy shit – that was easy… What can you do with <this> problem?” DECK is so flexible, that it easily grows to take on more of your troubles without experiencing the dreaded software bit rot problem that plagues many small and large enterprise software platforms.

3. Medium size businesses need an advantage to attract and retain customers. No one considers their enterprise system as a vehicle to help market your products and services, and create sticky customers; DECK is so different – it is the advantage! Not only is DECK modern and “cool”, but it allows your entire ecosystem of users (your employees, customers, vendors, and other third-parties you work with) to log in and gain some needed intelligence to help them do business.

4. DECK is a cost effective user ecosystem. One of our current customers is just shy of 920,000 active users in their system! This simply isn’t possible with traditional enterprise software systems that license on a “per seat” basis. DECK licensing is different. It encourages user growth and retention – it doesn’t penalize you for it.

5. Businesses at this explosive growth phase are putting huge amounts of pressure on the accounting team. It has been our experience that the accounting team spends crazy amounts of time monthly pulling together data to run the month end reports (not to mention the end of quarter or end of year reports). One of the first areas that DECK proves itself is to either greatly reduce or completely eliminate the effort of data gathering for these reports. With one customer, this alone freed up 1.2 FTE’s of accountants time to do more important things, providing a VERY fast ROI on DECK.

We would love to start a conversation with you regarding the “pebble in your shoe” before it becomes a boulder on your chest!

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