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Our Advantage

Mature Web Application Ecosystem

In 2012 we began the development of DECK DecisionWare – our web application ecosystem from where we develop all our customers application. DECK DecisionWare brings maturity to the base code that’s reliable, supported and maintained. By utilizing DECK DecisionWare as the platform for you product you’ll have the confidence of knowing that it’s built on a core that’s mature and used by a large set of users. But perhaps most importantly it reduces the time, effort and cost required for a project, helping our customers to see a return-on-investment much sooner.

Leverage Existing Functionality

As we begin a new project, we piece together existing functionality that will reduce the upfront work. DECK DecisionWare comes with extensive core functionality and 12 Plugins that we draw upon to come up with a complete solution for you. This way we focus on your business logic, only develop the piece required to make this product yours, without building from the ground up.

Completely Customizable

The reason why we can offer a full custom software service, while leveraging the functionality DECK DecisionWare provides, is because anything and everything can be customized and extended. No preexisting parameters and no limitations, the exact same benefits of a custom solution, only delivered faster and more affordable.

Fast and Affordable

We are servicing our clients faster, more efficiently and at a much nicer price-point than ever before. Developing your project on top of DECK DecisionWare, combined with our process, provides functionality with the highest business value in the shortest time possible. By starting small, you’ll get to market fast, allowing you to capitalize on the market window, or realize productivity increases, and start seeing your return on investment sooner.

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