Pull planning designed for lean construction

A pull planning suite that integrates, visualizes and harmonizes design, engineering and construction coordination

Lean construction gets rid of non-value add... Like all the copying and recalculating that happens after a great pull plan session

Imagine a construction pull planning solution that updates schedules in other systems, synchronizes with ERP systems, calculates project profit and resource needs based on pull plan changes, creates IPD partner or customer performance dashboards… but remains simple to use.  That’s DECK DecisionWare pull planning.

Integrate construction applications

DECK DecisionWare as your hub means your pull plan can communicate with other applications.

Visualize the network of commitments

See that your project is on time, know budgets, see consumed time against milestones, and track each commitment.

Harmonize IPD Partners

Have pull plan views unique to design, engineering and construction partners  needs.

Richly featured pull planning should take seconds to learn

Seriously…  who has spare time these days?

Live room feel

Add pull plan tasks in seconds.  See everyone’s changes as they make them without refreshing the screen.  See the running commentary of change.  

Customize sheets and labels

Change labels, add swim lanes, add completely new sheets, link tasks to specific sheets.

See impact on cost and time

Set milestones and do visual planning, see the sum of labor, equipment and material planned into each swim-lane, manage milestones and overrun.

Earned value at a glance

Create tasks and subtasks and mark them as partly or fully complete, calculate Earned Value for the project in real-time.

Pull planning customization

DECK DecisionWare is easily customized allowing clients to have features for the unique way their company does business.  

Construction is a partnership

Spieker Point has installations with over 1 million users in a single application – that’s  why we license on a per module basis rather than per user.  We want you to be able to add owners, subcontractors, project managers, suppliers, experts, trades, IPD partners, your general foreman in the field, HR staff or accounting staff to the system so everyone across the company has access to the same information.  10 IPD partners? No sweat!

Spieker Point can manage the complex permissions you need to control who has access to what information.

We grow as you grow

Spieker Point’s DECK DecisionWare application scales BIG. How big? We’re talking 100 trillion transactions per year.  We were built to withstand the transaction intensity of the banking world and we took what we learned into construction.  This means:

  • Screens and searches are fast.
  • We can do complex analytics and dashboard widgets in real-time; your company’s health is ALWAYS at your fingertips.
  • We know how to deploy mission critical, always available applications. 
Adopting digital pull planning in design, engineering and construction

WHITE PAPER: Adopting Digital Pull Planning

Staff move from analog to digital only when it’s 5X or 10X better.

Implementing pull planning software in design, engineering and construction is not just about adding a tool to capture sticky notes.  To get real change, the process of pull planning needs to be far more efficient end-to-end – that’s what makes it ‘sticky’ so staff stay with the new way of doing things. 

This white paper takes a deeper look at Spieker Point’s experience in implementing digital pull planning. We talk about where we’ve seen success and the kinds of changes that we end up making the entire process FAR more efficient. Simply getting sticky notes off of a board – that’s a win. But digital pull planning can represent so much more for a company in making many of the processes more efficient. 

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