Case Studies


Actionable Analytics in International Health Insurance

MSH Aviator, the white-labeled instance of DECK DecisionWare, gathers data from various data sources to improve day-to-day decision making, automates numerous workflows and greatly reduce the effort required to do month, quarterly and annual reporting. But perhaps the most important aspect of MSH Aviator is the customer portal access. With MSH Aviator, customers login to receive current information in regards to their insurance policy to help them proactively manage their expenses. MSH Aviator is enabling MSH INTERNATIONAL to provide improved customer service and a strong competitive foothold in the international health insurance industry.

Edmonton North Primary Care Network

Electronic Health Record Application

We developed an electronic health record application that works as a conduit for referrals between Member Doctors and Specialists. Since the implementation, Edmonton North PCN has extended reporting capabilities, metrics displayed on dashboards, and is experiencing a much more efficient process. The application is now being adopted by PCNs across the province.


Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

This Software as a Service provides remote worker monitoring to clients with employees working in remote locations. As such, the system has Interactive Voice Response (IVR), multi-tenancy, designed to handle thousands upon thousands of users, and online subscription and billing automation just to mention a few of the many great features of this application.

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