Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I run a medium sized business, is Analytics attainable for me?

Many references in regards to Analytics are made on large scale Analytics. For example, how credit card companies can detect fraudulent charges to your account, or how Netflix suggest what movies to watch next are both popular examples of large-scale Predictive Analytics. But the truth is that Analytics can certainly be attainable for a small to medium sized business. It can help you capitalize on new markets, predict downtime, recognize emerging patterns, and assist you in making evidence-based decisions, steering you towards better financial returns – all on an attainable budget.

Are there any specific industries that you serve?

Spieker Point mainly serves clients in the Health Care, Manufacturing, Heavy Construction, Education, Food and Oil Field industries but we rather look at the situation that an organization finds themselves in to determine if we can bring value. The majority of our customers will have gone through a period of rapid growth and now finding themselves with processes that they have outgrown. They are seeking to make operational improvements and they need to correctly and efficiently analyze and interpret their data for an evidence-based decision making process.

Why should I choose to work with Spieker Point?

Our team has the creative, solutions-driven passions to serve our clients. We have a deep technical understanding of professional software development. But more importantly, our web ecosystem DECK provides base components out of the box, and extensive selection of ready-to-use modules coupled with custom built components on top of it – we quickly create something customized directly usable for your business. All at a fraction of the time and cost compared to a traditional software project.

September of 2015 marked Spieker Point’s 10th year in business. During this time we have had the pleasure of working with and along side many great businesses, so in the event that we’re not the right company for your needs, we’ll know who is!

How do you work with my internal IT department?

The internal IT department plays a huge role in the success of a project. Our goal is to work as closely with your IT department as possible as they are a key player in ensuring a successful project. The last thing we want is for the IT department to feel threatened by our project. We mitigate this by involving them as early as possible in the project to outline the roles and responsibilities of each party.

What geographical region do you serve?

As an Edmonton based company, the majority of our clients are in and around the Alberta region. But clients of ours can be found all over North America and in Europe. Where you are located is not what’ll determine if we can work together or not. If you want to get serious about evidence-based decision making and are searching for a company to assist you in these efforts, we’ll find a way to work together no matter the distance!

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