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Pull Plan? Push Plan?

The Last Planning┬« System (LPS) outlines a method of planning called “Pull Planning” that starts from a milestone that your customer wants you to hit, and it allows you to build tasks backwards from there. This is the opposite of a “Push Plan” that starts from time now or the future start date of a project and builds the set of tasks forward.

Pull Planning has really taken off in the construction world as humans are GREAT at visualizing the last task that is needed before something is finished; and then what’s the task before it? Before it? Rinse and repeat.

The question is: why don’t other industries do that?

What is DECK?

DECK DecisionWare is Spieker Point’s web-based decision support platform. At its core, DECK is a massive data switch that moves data from one place to another. As the data transits through DECK (or originates in DECK as the case may be), DECK makes a note of it to use it in dashboards, analytics, business processes, etc.

What is DECK LEM?

DECK DecisionWare is highly modular. DECK LEM is a collection of modules positioned to take over the construction industry when it comes time to plan a project in terms of Labor, Equipment and Materials (LEM)

"Trade Partner Client/Server"??

When a General Contractor (GC) is running DECK LEM IPD or Enterprise, all Trade Partners are able to log into the GC’s DECK LEM software and participate in planning. But, it is only the workers from the Trade Partner who are able to log in and see the tasks and data upon them.

With the “wormhole” that we’ve created in DECK LEM, if a Trade Partner is also running DECK LEM to organize their business, then data from projects they’re working with GC’s who are ALSO running DECK LEM shows up inside of their version of DECK LEM.

This allows the management team and HR folks (and anyone else authorized) in the Trade Partner’s company to get a view of what is happening on the ground at the project site with THEIR staff (and only their staff).

Unlimited Projects / Unlimited Users - how can you do that for this price?

DECK DecisionWare (the software platform DECK LEM is built on) comes from the world of insurance and banking. It has cut its teeth on large data sets and many MANY users way before our competition could spell SAAS. This is simply what we do every day.


The construction industry is hot about this new concept of how to build in a lean fashion, and it is called Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). The approach integrates people, systems, business structures and practices.

An IPD project starts with a “poly party contract” between the major players – owner, GC’s, architect, main trades, etc. The contract outlines how all the parties win (make money) or lose (lose money) together.

Since everyone is on the same team and communication is essential, this is the PERFECT environment for DECK LEM!

Why are integrations only avaialble in Enterprise?

Great question!

The Core and IPD offerings of DECK LEM are SAAS (Software As A Solution) offerings. This means that in certain aspects, each client shares server space (NEVER data space). When it comes to all of the pieces of software and islands of data that an enterprise customer has, the effort to connect all of those things together is a bit more customized for each customer. That’s why it makes more sense to contact us when you’re an enterprise – we need to understand what you have to give you a price.

Do you integrate with Procore?

Yes. We have many integrations with other construction industry software offerings.

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