Resource Management for Building Design, Engineering and Construction

From the $10 Million regional specialist to the multi-national conglomerates, results need to be at your fingertips

Building Labor, Equipment and Materials: DECK LEM



DECK LEM includes:  pull planning, resource and equipment scheduling, manpower planning, equipment inventory management, and building project performance management for design, engineering and construction companies.  Deck LEM is broad functionality for managing resources combined with simplicity to use.

Visualize the Future

Fast, configurable and comprehensive resource management data and analytics brought to your fingertips 

Re-think how you connect with customers

DECK is a customer showcase that transforms your ability to be transparent

Unite Technology Infrastructure

DECK LEM breaks down communication walls, integrates your applications and changes productivity

Roles and Hierarchy Aware

Hierarchy aware means a senior person can do the tasks of a junior person, big tools can do the job of little tools and resource management is simplified 

Configurable to Your Unique Needs

DECK has over 80 modules we quickly bring together so you don’t need to change to the software, the software is tuned to your business

Harmonize IPD Partners

Designed with IPD partners , complex customer relationships and data sharing needs in mind

Designed to Differentiate

Technology should help you win business…
Technology should improve the quality of your conversation and spot the issues before they become issues…
Technology should unite your team and culture through transparency and simplicity…

That’s the balance, the Spieker Point.  That’s DECK LEM 

For Building Design

Visually Plan:  Spot budget and time overruns, coordinate between disciplines,  and know staff assignments and utilization while virtually engaging customers in design decisions.

Tangible change:  Reduce time in coordination meetings, release fewer schedules, reduce rework with inter-discipline communication.


For Engineering and Pre-Construction

Organize:  Build comprehensive labor and material plans, segment the project by area and oversee your team’s task burndown.

Revenue source:  The DECK platform not only makes design, engineering and construction companies more efficient, it is a revenue source for construction management, system testing, FM and turnover.     

For Building Construction

Look ACROSS Projects:  Unite construction planning and execution tracking across dozens of projects, produce owner reporting, see continuous progress, stop looking for information and simply have it at your fingertips.

Increase Accountability:  Humans forgive and forget…  technology remembers forever.


Plan Using Lean Pull Plan

Collaborate and have dozens of people concurrently adding planning tasks.  Set milestone goals, manage discipline or trade budgets, and immediately see the impact of change on people hours and schedule.

Schedule Resources & Equipment and Forecast

Organize labor and equipment types and rates, assign labor and equipment to tasks, visually see staff utilization and equipment location.   Create a comprehensive project forecast.

Oversee Project Tasks and Profitability

Break big tasks into little ones as projects progress, track task completion, see progress against milestones, and have a running assessment of project profitability versus budget.

Chat, Daily Diary, Pictures, Notes

A simple set of tools to fill in what you don’t have in a dedicated system.  Capture issues (safety, issues, injury, site notes), capture pictures, record site activity in the daily diary, open chat sessions with management or owners and record these in the permanent record.


DECK DecisionWare is easily customized allowing clients to have features for the unique way their company does business.  

Construction is a partnership

Spieker Point has installations with over 1 million users in a single application – that’s  why we license on a per module basis rather than per users.  We want you to be able to add owners, subcontractors, project managers, suppliers, experts, trades, IPD partners, your general foreman in the field, HR staff or accounting staff to the system so everyone across the company has access to the same information.  10 IPD partners? No sweat!

Spieker Point can manage the complex permissions you need to control who has access to what information

We grow as you grow

Spieker Point’s Deck DecisionWare application scales BIG. How big? We’re talking 100 trillion transactions per year.  We were built to withstand the transaction intensity of the banking world and we took what we learned into construction.  This means:

  • Screens and searches are fast.
  • We can do complex analytics and dashboard widgets in real-time; your company’s health is ALWAYS at your fingertips.
  • We know how to deploy mission critical, always available applications. 
DECK Construction Resource Management

DECK LEM: Labor, Equipment and Materials Made Easy

Resource management for building design, construction and engineering companies

DECK LEM is one of 80 modules in the DECK DecisionWare platform.  It’s designed for the needs of design, engineering and construction companies and gives a complete view of resources, utilization and deployment.

DECK LEM is a highly customizable platform which integrates easily to other construction applications for a single view of your company!

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