We are Spieker Point

Our customer commitment is a mathematical certainty.

About Us

At Spieker Point, we believe that evidence-based decision making is the key to helping our customers excel in their market. We build enterprise software that uses predictive analytics and process automation techniques to help our customers get early warning of troubles ahead, and to avoid them while they are small and inexpensive. We start with a customer’s current data—data they already have—and use it to recognize emerging patterns, helping our customer steer towards better financial returns.

Our Story

Our name was inspired by German mathematician and teacher Theodor Spieker, whose work in the 19th century inspired many of the following centuries’ great thinkers (including Albert Einstein, who received a copy of Spieker’s seminal book at the age of 12). The Spieker Point determines the center of mass of a triangle, which is the balance point between all sides. This calculation has limitless real-world applications, despite its high theory appearance. Our team aims for this balance point—the area of highest value that will facilitate the greatest improvement to your process, your foresight and your profitability. We’ve created systems and technologies that possess the same high level and theoretical thinking as the Spieker Point, but with real-world applications that will improve your business. When we began, the world was hungry for software. But as time went on, we were inspired to integrate business intelligence, analytics and improvement models into customer-focused applications. As such DECK DecisionWare was born.

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