CALGARY, AB –(Marketwired – July 29, 2016) – MSH INTERNATIONAL and Spieker Point celebrate one year of partnership and the launch of MSH Aviator, an innovative online tool that provides HR managers with full transparency over their employee benefits programs.


Spieker Point, an Edmonton based software development company, has been working over the past year with MSH INTERNATIONAL, an international health insurance provider, to expand and customize the features of their Business Intelligence platform, DECK DecisionWare — a comprehensive, cloud-based software, working with multiple databases to provide dashboards, key performance indicators and predictive analytics to clients, available in English, Spanish and French.

DECK DecisionWare is perfectly positioned for MSH INTERNATIONAL’s need for what we like to call actionable analytics — where the aggregated data triggers internal processes and becomes accessible via customer portals. It’s been great to work with MSH INTERNATIONAL on this modern investment, something that will yield great dividends for years to come in terms of customer retention and competitive advantage.

Greg Campbell

CEO, Spieker Point Inc.

With MSH Aviator, the white-labeled instance of DECK DecisionWare, customers log in to their account and access their dashboard, which they can customize depending on the type of information they would like to see: premiums paid, amounts claimed by country, services, etc. The predictive analysis allows customers to adjust their employee benefits plan at each renewal, providing better control over their expenses.

We are proud to be leaders in the industry by offering this innovative service to our clients. The industry standard of reviewing medical premiums when policy renewals are about to be finalized does not allow HR managers to correct plan anomalies, or even study the methods with which companies can mitigate medical costs for the upcoming year. Thanks to Spieker Point, and their platform DECK DecisionWare, we bring our customers transparency, supporting their internal business decisions at the C-level.

Philippe de Dreuzy

President & CEO, MSH INTERNATIONAL (Canada)


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