EDMONTON, AB–(Marketwired – December 15, 2015) – Despite the fact that the drop in oil prices haven’t been kind to Alberta based businesses, Spieker Point, the creators of DECK DecisionWare, closed its fiscal year end on November 30, 2015 — which also happens to be their 10th year in business, with 62.8% revenue growth.

Spieker Point, an Edmonton based software development company, began the development of DECK DecisionWare in 2012. Positioned as a Business Management Platform, DECK DecisionWare integrates best-of-bred applications’, providing company wide visibility while facilitating enterprise reporting, visual in-tool queries, workflow and compliance.

Nailing down the value proposition for DECK DecisionWare has been a lengthy exercise. “We extend, or custom write, plugins to fit our client’s business need. Consequently, DECK DecisionWare can have a completely different function for one client to the next. It has not been easy, but the traction we’ve seen this year clearly shows us we’re on the right path,” says Sara Hallberg, VP of Spieker Point.

“What seems to really resonate with our clients is that DECK DecisionWare lets you do more with what you already have. With DECK DecisionWare you don’t need to rip out and replace the infrastructure you’ve spent so much time and money on. Rather we connect all your data with one platform for full data access. Not only are we able to provide an affordable solution, we also offer a smooth transition with minimal organizational disruption,” says Greg Campbell, CEO of Spieker Point.

“The flexibility of DECK DecisionWare’s core cannot be overstated, since the platform framework is really only limited by the power of the development team to abstract our clients’ ideas into workable tools. It’s quite literally limitless what DECK DecisionWare can offer,” Steve Hole, CTO of Spieker Point explains.

“When times are a bit tougher, businesses take a hard look at where they can find efficiencies, up their productivity and use their data to make better decisions. DECK DecisionWare is perfectly positioned to help with that and let them excel even in an uncertain market,” Greg Campbell summarizes.