“Unbundling” of software is the growing trend in business to stay away from the monolithic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in favour of “smaller”, cost effective software applications that effectively run one or two functions of the business.

Think about all of the areas of a business: financial (A/P, A/R, Payroll, etc.), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales, marketing, inventory, deliveries, employee time tracking, manufacturing, maintenance – and the list goes on. There are lots of moving parts in all businesses.

There are many excellent smaller systems out there that don’t cost millions of dollars and do a wonderful job in helping people manage each of these individual “islands”. These systems grow inside the business over time as functionality expands and new modules become available. Very often they are extremely effective for the one thing they were designed to solve and don’t need to be replaced as the business matures.

The growing need as a business matures is the interconnectedness of the data that all of these islands hold.

That’s where Spieker Point’s DECK fits in. DECK reaches into the various islands, and does three things very effectively:

  • DECK provides standard dashboards and reporting across the entire business and all of its sub-systems
  • DECK interleaves disparate data giving visibility into complex patterns
  • DECK relieves situations where data needs to be entered multiple times into multiple systems

DECK gives a business a full 360° view of what’s currently happening, and what’s likely to happen in the future.

It doesn’t force a business to go “all in” right off the line. You can start small and grow into greater interconnectivity as the need for more visibility rises.

Further, DECK allows a business to treat its systems as modular. One application is no longer effective and it’s time for a change? No problem – snap a new software system into the business, and tie it in to DECK to maintain a centralized view.

“Unbundling” is a very cost effective way to build an enterprise. Spieker Point’s DECK is the way to tie it all together into one centralized view. If your business could benefit from timely, insightful information – then let’s start the conversation today!