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Working with the Spieker Point Team

DECK DecisionWare has over 80 modules, and while we’re proud of what we have.  We don’t want to bore you talking about the ins and outs of managing (for example) IoT sensors or managing credit card transactions unless this is something that’s really important to your team.  Here’s what we do:


  • Let’s start at the general level and talk to what DECK DecisionWare is and does. We show you some cool concepts just to get the ball rolling and your eyes sparkling with what’s possible.  We want to know the kinds of problems you’re trying to solve and understand your systems and culture. 
  • Next we focus on helping you make money or reduce cost.  We don’t want to be a technology provider, we want to be a partner in helping you realize change.  This discussion informs us on how we need to approach a technical solution that maximizes impact – and – make sure that gains can be realized.
  • Finally, we figure out how to make it work.  We work through the technology pieces needed and determine how those inevitable gaps get filled with simple and durable solutions.

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